Learn For Life WA

Learn for Life is extremely proud to announce our new blog. We will be using this blog to update our happenings, and to showcase some of the work that we going to be doing throughout Western Australia.

For those who are unaware of us, we are Learn For Life WA. Learn For Life has existed now for over 10-years, and in that time, we have helped to positively contribute to the lives of thousands of small, young aged children all across Australia. As we continue to receive support from both the government and the local communities, we are now expanding to Western Australia to continue to provide an enhanced service.

We have numerous supporters who have helped us to expand, by providing us with the funds needed to rapidly expand our offerings. It is these supporters who have continued to stay with us through thick and thin, and have helped us to hire full-time carers.

Learn For Life primarily specialises in the caring of children who are suffering from a bad time at the hands of their family. Whether this be domestic abuse, mental abuse or simply living in the poverty line, we aim to help provide specialist care, funding and grants to families to help everybody, regardless of age or lifestyle, to live a meaning life. Unfortunately, many of the families we work with feel let down by the system, let down by the Australian government and let down by their local communities. It is these families that Learn For Life works rigorously around the clock to identify and provide immediate support to.

14 thoughts on “Learn For Life WA

  1. How convenient that you have no readily available contact information on your “website”. That way, no one can be held accountable for their actions. I have no idea who thought a commercial like the one currently listed on your home page would be a good idea, but this goes beyond anything a sane or rational person would do. How dare you expose people to that kind of violence unknowingly? Do you have any idea what something like this could do to an unsuspecting person, especially one who suffers from combat induced PTSD? I have never been so livid or disgusted in my entire life. Whoever produced this piece of atrocity should be ashamed of themselves. What gives you the right to expose people to this with no regard to how it will affect anyone? It’s fine for you, feeling proud for shocking the hell out of everyone, but are there to witness the havoc left in the wake of viewing this? Of course not. You are the worst kind of people, the kind who don’t have the foresight to see what this can do. At least have the decency to put a disclaimer on this garbage.


    • Stop being so gullible haha. This is made as a complete joke and people with PTSD should probably just stay off the internet. This is one of the millions of videos that have a misleading title to make you either shit your pants or have a seizure. If they told you what was gonna happen then the video would be pointless. Just scream “FUCK YOU, ASSHOLES” at your computer then move on with your life.


  2. Well said above. I’ll also add to it. You are actively promoting skipping school in so many ways you fucking idiots. Firstly, and not so obviously, I presume you are getting paid for what you do, but you are obviously as thick as shit, so no incentive to attend school there. Secondly; you (again, presumably) have paid another thick twat to make this crap video. Two idiots getting paid so far, so still no incentive to attend school! Thirdly; do you have any idea how much VW Kombis cost? I do, that one’s worth about $15,000, well outside the budget of a minimum wage/no education job. Everyone sure does look healthy and happy, well dressed and vibrant, not at all like the kids I know ( I am a government-employed Youth Worker), who have a constant sadness in their eyes owing to the late realisation that their poverty-bound future was unlikely to resemble anything they had hoped for when they were younger. Fear of alien abduction is unlikely to stop anyone from drink-driving, fear of spontaneous combustion unlikely to prevent anyone taking up smoking, fear of land-mine death unlikely to encourage anyone to try harder at school. But you don’t care, you got paid. You think it’s all a bit of fun, just like the kids you are trying to help, but failing. In short, do the decent thing and resign; you are quite simply not smart enough for this job. If this arrives in your boss’ inbox; fire the dickhead who approved and paid for this counter-productive shite.


  3. lol ppl are gullible, and this is kinda funny. morbid, but funny. folks wait a week or two when we find out what tv show or other media thing this is an advertisement for


  4. Yeah, this is stupid, but it’s either a shameless publicity stunt simply to get the name of the ad company out there by manufacturing some sort of “controversy”, or this is an ad for something entirely different that we will discover after said “controversy” takes root. Real original guys.


  5. Hahahaha, I laughed my ass off at that. “you’re slowing me down!” “BOOM” hahahhaaha! If they had only stayed in school, they could have just gotten drunk that night at a house party. Then comes 18 years of welfare kids working at Mcdonalds…


  6. idiots and brainless … this spot is good in Bosnia,Israel and now, Ukraine … in the USA, school is often the scene of gun attack,


      • The deaths represent what happen when you stay in school then your true self dies in the system’s corrupt, ignorant, inhuman world. The ad is also an example of stupidity the system produces and results in a divide of all the kids with any innate brains and the stupid system. Thanks for nothing.


  7. “This is what happens when you slack off”
    Well, it’s true you know because this *very thing* happened to all my friends when they slacked off.
    Everyone of the just … B O O M to pieces on the beach right there….
    I’m so glad I stayed in school. Of course, I live in the USA, so the guns were brought into the school and
    B O O M … bloody bodies everywhere …. it’s just not safe anywhere I guess.


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